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Holland Amsterdam Street brand Patta days prior to Vans, launched by new shoes. Follow VANS's classic shoes Old Skool model, shoes side injected conspicuous Patta Logo display, ride identity, and in the middle with the "MEAN EYED CAT" word as embellishment. Currently, the two sides did not disclose the relevant offering information. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! In March 26th this year, Air Max ; Day don't have complete open series, in addition to concern Air VaporMax, Air Max and Air 1 Master Max 1 OG Pack Air Max Vote last year to win in the "Back" voting in Air Max 1 atmos Elephant, to become the largest all look forward to a nostalgic shoes fan. This classic color, born in 2006, has become one cheap foamposites of the most popular Air Max 1 colors in the history of the world, thanks to its highly Nike featured "Elephant" texture and blue green Swoosh design. It is reported that this pair of shoes will be on March 26th Air Max Day officially released, interested friends can not miss! APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!Converse CONS each of the shoes are comfortable for the design center, plus pad Y-Bar and memory and EVA in villi of cotton pad is arranged including, enhance the shock absorbers and the front foot function. The exterior Y-Bar and star logo are the essential design features of the classic Weapon shoes. They are improved in the next design to fit the new vamp. Converse smooth mesh and perfect cheap jordans for sale mens color is a unique style of Converse CONS Weapon Reflective Mesh Pack. Perforated screen with reflective material, in the light of more prominent eye-catching. Flame color and purple Converse CONS Weapon Reflective Mesh the Pack at the Langham Converse shop sale, suggested retail price of HKD899. Xiao Bian in the brush micro-blog found Dongyu Zhou latest Airport Photos, I really angry! With what?! The same 92 year old beauty girl! Dongyu Zhou is so much older than me!! Xiao Bian in peacetime life boasted no one can white me, but Dongyu Zhou really good to convince me ah!!! The key is that she still looks pale!!! So today, Xiao Bian wants to talk to you about whitening this thing!! today, talk to you about whitening essence, whitening essence in the end there is no use? What whitening essence is the most effective? Why some whitening essence, I use no effect? In fa cheap jordan shoes for men ct, there is a very simple way, if you use a whitening effect, will keep an eye on the main components of it to test the ~Doctor VC100 APPS wild city moisturizing whitening essence ampoules, whitening industry originator of vitamin C, a set of four boxes, each box containing powder (0.4g), VC100 (8ml) make-up water and a dropper, the official said the amount is a week. Can be used to focus on nursing, whitening, light, shrink pores, freckle, desalination, fine lines and other multiple effects. Pour VC water into the concentrated powder bottle. Do not pour it all in. Add it to the black mark. Shake well. After the powder is dissolved, it can be used. The mixture is light yellow. Cover with drip irrigation. city wild doctor 377vc whitening essence, want to whitening, yellow and improve the dark must enter! It contains WHITE377 ingredients, which are the most attract Retro jordans for sale ive ingredients in the whitening field. 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The new Shiseido whitening whitening essence, the main ingredient is Shiseido proud m-tranexamic acid! Appeared in "affecting the survival of melanocytes."! Appeared in "inhibiting melanin production"! It appears again in the process of blocking melanin transmission and accelerating metabolism! Light milk white, very light emulsion texture, there is a certain liquidity. Open is the water absorption rate was. After absorption, you can see the effect of instant hydration. The texture is very refreshing, a little oil is not heavy, good absorption, absorption of skin texture is matte, never before rough, while refreshing, but also as a general whitening essence will pour out dry, moist degree 100. decorte kojic acid whitening essence, texture is very thin. "Into the summer, a pair of new ba Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping sketball boots is particularly important, for their shoes can not only help you play at the highest level, more time to protect our feet in a safe area, the invisible support to give the wearer inexhaustible strength, and today Lining basketball report protagonist Lining Assassin (LI-NING Assassin), is such a pair can provide excellent wearing experience and full of personality design boots for you. 001IzPVqzy6K8o5xXRC30& amp; 690.jpeg (85.89 KB, download number: 0) download Lining assassin LI-NING Assassin 2014-7-4 10:51 upload Review of the development of basketball 001IzPVqzy6K8o9WUhUf6& amp; 690.jpeg (69.23 KB, download number: 0) download Lining assassin LI-NING Assassin 2014-7-4 10:51 upload With excellent combat performance, populist pricing and Kyrie Irving's personal appeal, Kyrie 3 in the course of fame. But many fans have begun to question the de Cheap air jordan 12 ovo velopment of the Nike rhythm, a handful of color has seriously restricted the camp the growth Kyrie 3. The day before, brought a new design of Nike for eager fans, this is still in the black shoes and white collocation Swoosh transparent rubber outsole, but raised the opponent had to beware of the flanking particles from black, purple, red, yellow four color decoration, overall design let a person shine at the moment. nike-kyrie-3-pe-black-red-purple-yellow.jpg (307.04 KB, download number: 15) download Nike Kyrie 3 PE new design 2017-1-28 09:55 upload nike-kyrie-3-pe-black-red-purple-yellow-1.jpg (387.64 KB, download number: 15) download Nike Kyrie 3 PE new design 2017-1-28 09:55 upload nike-kyrie-3-pe-black-red-purple-yellow-2.jpg (266.05 KB, download number: 15) download Nike Kyrie 3 PE new design 2017-1-28 09:55 Nike Kyrie PE upload, 3 Erwin, 300& n cheap jordans for sale bsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; may lose next year Reebok franchises face a huge backlog of millions of dollars in goods loss "I now see the acquaintance asked their size, give away sets Reebok in the past, whatever the outcome, to be human, otherwise 1.7 million yuan of clothes, shoes in another 20 days to become waste. "Rui Bo, general manager of Nantong Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. Yu Bin said with a wry smile. Including his three Reebok dealers, yesterday an official with the Shanghai Yue Pa (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd. (Reebok's general agent in China) carried out two hours of negotiations, vowed to their backlog of several one million yuan of goods, invested several hundred million yuan in fixed assets have a say. Adidas acquisition of Reebok sales channels for reconstruction, will probably make them lose Reebok franchises next year. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Retro jordans for sale China distributor for the acquisition of pay & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; last year, the price Adidas $ 4 billion acquisition of Reebok. After a long transition period of one year and a half, Reebok's trademark rights in China from January 1, 2007 will go all Adidas. Reebok CEO Paul when new interview with Chinese media last month, also said the merger of Reebok distribution rights will revert to the original. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; However, China's part of the small dealers are accused of Adidas, Reebok During the transition period, on the one hand to encourage them to order, store expansion, on the one hand brought them out of the 2007 In the list of dealers, in fact, so that China's auto adjust for the merger of two famous bill. upper Reebok has yet to reply The dealer said that the two major international brands as various improper has caused them heavy losse Cheap air jordans for sale s. Yu Bin said its inventory up to 220 million, although these days have a lot of low-priced sale, but there are still more than 170 million can not be clearing inventory. At the same time, he also opened two new stores will be closed only six months. Chairman of Yancheng Guozheng Wang Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. Chi is bitter: "Last year is the value of brand reputation Reebok International, only willing to borrow from relatives, loans to credit unions, Reebok opened its first store in Yancheng. Now booing, a few million dollars of goods can not be sold nor retreat, hide debt next year in addition to what I would do? " Tianjin Reebok dealers Wu Xiuyan yesterday to the Morning News said they could not accept a new dealer out of the conditions, but did not give a definite date Reebok upper document must not continue to sell in 2007, so now is still in the stage of stalemate and see. Adidas says the dispute has nothing to do Yue Ba (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd Marketing Miss Zhang yesterday on behalf of the Reebok brand, said specific challenge for dealers currently unable give the exact answer. But she stressed that the relevant dealers and Reebok brands relevant agreement will expire at the end of the year, as this qualification can continue next year, Adidas will be made to respond, but Adidas has not yet confirmed any Chinese regional distributors. The next year will represent the brand Adidas, Reebok responsible for the Eastern Region business, Mr. Wu said that from next year, Adidas will take over the relevant brand, now all disputes are nothing to do with Adidas. some dealers questioned three Question one: not entirely the obligation? Yubin Deng dealer said, do not give in to the power of attorney on the issue next year, Adidas and Reebok have not fulfilled this obligation. It began to merge the two brands have more than a year, but in July and October this year, two orders at the Reebok, but publicly said it would not deprive its mandate in 2007, and even let them down next year and second quarters orders, leading dealers to continue to expand investment. Then a phone call to tell them not to renew, which obviously did not give them enough warning business information, is & quot; & quot ;. intentional deception Second question: Processing product goods & quot; not as & quot ;? Yubin Deng dealers said, really can not do so, they are also willing to store, goods, brand new props transferred Reebok dealers next year, but it must be carried out in accordance with the consultation on an equal way, and Adidas and Reebok should draw play a coordinating role. so difficult for them to accept that two major international brands have always & quot; no & quot ;, as even & quot; business merger & quot; do not recognize this basic principle, but stressed that the new dealer will & quot; Help & quot; them. In such a case, they and Reebok new distributors next year simply can not get on an equal footing, will certainly suffer a great loss. Question three: unequal cooperation is & quot; routine & quot ;? Wang Zhi said that the jump Pa relied Reebok is an international brand, in the conventional cooperation has always been a commanding position, press the small dealers. He told reporters produced a "reseller agreement supplementary agreement" shows, Pa jump to Yancheng country is the first purchase target of 300,000 yuan. He said: & quot; goods designated by the jump, but the unilateral hegemony, so are the 300,000 yuan exchange to sell goods. & Quot;