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STAYREAL in terms of the international market may be a bit strange, but this made Taiwan one of the most popular band "Mayday" singer "Oshin" founded fashion brand, by virtue of personal influence and excellent design of its brand in Taiwan and Asia in terms of does have a certain influence. And STAYREAL occasion by the end of 2013, and in conjunction with Reebok to launch a "Pump to Sky" color of the Insta Pump Fury. Overwhelmed by the sunset as inspired by the sky-blue color combination of pink and gradient from blue to have been graded by the rear toe pink, pi cheap jordans online nk stripe side also attach backdrop, the last position of the seam on the heel of a paper airplane to decorate the "Pump to Sky" theme. Which now "Pump to Sky" color of the Insta Pump Fury sneakers by Tokyo's famous store atmos available, priced at $ 172. Information: Reebok X STAYREAL unique street style shoes limited first joint anniversary celebration PUMP FURY 20 STAYREAL x Reebok joint shoes FACEBOOK trendsetters outfit demonstration in Oregon, Nike is the world's lead Cheap air jordans for sale ing sporting goods manufacturer, the company produces all-inclusive sporting goods: clothing, footwear, sports equipment and so on. When other companies hesitant to act decisively, grabbed world attention hot spot out of the race, Liu Xiang Beijing Olympic Games, will be the determining timely dissemination point for advertisers, effectively captures the attention of the audience the optic nerve, to the contact with the brand together to further enhance the brand image. Olympic marketing dilemma PR counterattack As a world-renowned sports brand, Nike has alwa Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ys been a pioneer in the field of marketing wise and brave. There's nothing better than the Olympics attracts the attention of the whole world, so that the combustion of sports enthusiasm lit sports apparel brand, the Olympics is undoubtedly the best brand marketing Sword land. As the first betting Liu Xiang's world-class sponsor, Nike marketing for Liu Xiang has been remarkable. As early as Liu Xiang just broke the world record, build on the progress Nike launched the "12 seconds 88" advertising, the industry as flash in the pan. The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games cheap jordans for sale mens , for non-sponsor Nike, Liu Xiang is obviously his greatest expectations. However, August 18, 2008, Liu Xiang, a world of unexpected out of the race because of injury ended Beijing Olympic Games journey. This is for those who make a significant investment of nearly Liu Xiang, 20 international and domestic brands, in addition to an unprecedented shock, accompanied by a huge economic loss! These international and domestic brands are mostly prepared before the game, Liu Xiang successfully defended or two game losing awareness programs, just waiting for the outcome Retro jordans for sale of the match will take advantage of a brand promotion. As everyone knows, Liu Xiang has given the third result - to retire, so that these international and domestic brands by surprise. When other companies how to conduct branding hesitant, Nike grabbed world attention Liu Xiang retire hotspots, timely dissemination point was determined to be advertising. In just one day time, the original advertising copy for editing process, not the choice of Liu Xiang's image, launched a public resonance caused special public relations advertising, Liu Xiang dilute the risks a Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping nd public pressure. When grimacing Liu Xiang slow to leave the runway, stunned and regret swept through Beijing nest of 90,000 spectators, but also let Nike surprise. Since the game when Liu Xiang wearing Nike running shoes, Nike was questioned online. Nike's director of communications, Zhu nearly Qian came forward to clarify: on Liu Xiang's shoes can improve performance of 0.02 seconds to say, it belongs to the misinformation. Accurate to say that Liu Xiang's boots in the tests show, because of its unique design can effectively reduce the resistance, so run 10 cheap foamposites 0 meters, you can speed 0.02 seconds. Leaving Nike embarrassing is printing another rumor: Liu Xiang is affected by the sponsor Nike "coercion." Nike had to face a credibility crisis. How to fight the Beijing Olympic Games marketing campaign? Nike began the action. August 18 the same day Liu Xiang, Nike established the cooperation with Tencent "QQ love wall - Blessing Liu Xiang" (Nike brand wall), a launch, immediately warm response from the users. During the Beijing Olympic Games, every day millions of Internet users through Tencent understand the match and wa cheap jordans for sale tch videos, bless Liu Xiang's QQ love wall almost overnight become the land of enthusiastic Chinese netizens. "QQ Love Wall - Liu Xiang blessing," the establishment, pressed the hearts of users "Sadness button", through the mobilization of emotions, touched people's hearts softest corner, by Tencent instant messaging software, a large network of people, Nike's marketing information transmission and spread like a virus, and was quickly copied pass to hundreds of thousands, millions of audience. Nike through interactive experiential marketing will be branded peop Retro jordans for sale le. As sports marketing in addition to the spread of "higher, faster, stronger" concept, there is a broader connotation, like Nike's initiatives show the world that the original sports marketing can also go humane care of warmth route. Within a week, only direct participation "QQ love wall - Liu Xiang blessing," the number reached nearly 20,000 people, more than 370,000 page views. Nike's rapid response and tragic ads, no strong commercial flavor, in line with people's sporting spirit and the pursuit of desire, spread by word of mouth network participants and d cheap jordan shoes for men irect expression of the viral marketing reach and effectiveness of secondary spread beyond Liu Xiang, the value of a simple endorsement. "I love the game, love spell on all pride, love it win another one back, love to give everything. Love of glory, love frustration, love sports, even if it breaks your heart." August 19, Nike night working towards the "love sports, even if it breaks your heart," print ads in major newspapers overwhelming occupation of the country, advertising is still using a large photo of Liu Xiang. On the screen, Liu Xiang calm face and sensational slogan this line meaningful impact everyone's heart. Sadness more appealing than happy, reverse thinking Liu Xiang Nike plus points, while the impact on the brand than Liu Xiang won the gold medal of the effect is even larger. Exposure to the predicament, with a nice Nike public relations battle, a turnaround, in addition to traditional print, television advertising, network with its interactive, participatory, real properties, Nike changed from passive to active public relations campaign It played a huge role in well known, Howard Dwight is about to leave Adidas at the end of this month and changed to contract domestic brands PEAK. However before in the national team training camp we see the adidas for world of Warcraft to create a new signature shoes d Howard 6, due to the expiration of the contract at the end of the month, so shoes recently has quietly in the sale, Adidas, didn't do any publicity. Many of the sale of color, including a full red version, the overall style is quite stunning, do not know whether you are interested in it or not. source: soleKITH recent news constantly, a few days ago has just released and ASICs branded shoes, but KITH seemingly but also with the well-known outdoor brands Columbia collaborated again. Why do you say that, because just yesterday Sina host Ronnie Fieg through its instagram released a piece of his body at the headquarters of the Columbia Pictures. From the picture display of information, people seem to together to discuss a series of new clothing, like a coat and trousers like clothing hanging next to. Although there is no more relevant information, but according to the habit of Fieg Ronnie must soon after we will know.