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May be cheap jordans online you ignore the sexy and publicity why do the boys have no resistance to girls wearing AJ? - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes Brendon Babenzien in charge of footwear brand Aprix Adidas Originals YEEZY Powerphase 2017 spring and summer series is back on the shelves? comments on a Brendon Babenzien running shoe brand Aprix 2017 spring and summer series a: adidas Originals YEEZY Powerphase will be back on the shelves?& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Scroll News] when a family shopping, the most painful thing is what it took genuine money to buy pirated goods?. If you still offline when on a large store that really have a "roof to see" the impulse. But you say, in our side there really such a thing - the police still remember Goal Orientation: June 9 this year, he went Xiasha Wumart Alarming, is actually a university student reported supermarket "brand sale" is fakes. Lives and works in Xiasha, Goal Orien Retro jordans for sale tation in the day before the sale from the store has just bought a pair of "brand-name sports shoes." Who knows, they played five fold even sell 299 yuan one pair of so-called nike and adidas etc, the purchase price is only 20 yuan. In short, the Gui Gui. more shocking it is that the sale of counterfeits is not what the street vendors, but an area of ??tens of thousands of square meters of large supermarkets. 2014 ?? 6 ?? 12 ?? broke Wumart supermarket "brand sale" fake case, in industry and commerce, the police under joint investigation, yesterday finally made significant progress. Yesterday, the Evening News reporter from Xiasha police that on the evening August 18, Xiasha police identified on suspicion of selling counterfeit trademark crime of Compromise businessman Lee made criminal detention, the case is still under further tracing in. After Chinese headquarters Nike, Adidas, mouth monkey, New Balance (NB) identification documents issued by other companies, involved more than 2,000 pieces brand clothing, shoes, are counterfeit, the cheap jordans for sale mens companies have said that Lee is not authorized for sale in Hangzhou . Why fake two car blocked or established the power of love Time back more than two months ago, in early June, on the first floor Xiasha Wumart began renovation. Compromise businessman Lee, who lives in Shanghai, to take this opportunity to Wumart short-term rental booth, pull in a bunch of "brand name" sneakers, "name brand" sports and leisure wear a "seasonal sale." At the time, a college student so in the move, took home to live frugally happily return "name brand sports shoes." A pair of hanging "original 599 Deals 299" brand-name sports shoes, also depriving the college students eat for several days of instant noodles ah. As a result, when he energetically wearing new shoes to date, even miserable trick "Goddess" ridicule: "!. Your new shoes 'mouth' of the yo will not be buying a fake it" this is true, so we should be able to understand the feelings of the boys Xiufen Cross, so he was indomitable reports, has found a sale shop, supermarket management side, bus cheap jordan shoes for men iness and the police, 110 police came, the business sector came. June 9 the day seized counterfeit clothing and shoes, pull a full two big trucks, there are more than 800 pairs of shoes, clothes and there are more than 500 pieces. It has not been sold before the count, as well as the warehouse. Reportedly, Mr. Li was seen at the beginning still watch the scene, and later slipped away quickly. 2 ??? not want to sell more than 310,000 of goods This is exactly how black heart did not sell light yell when the profiteers of various kind: "factory direct" and "brand discount price", "seasonal sale", "name brand sports shoes" discount to 199 yuan, 299 yuan, 369 yuan third gear , "name brand casual clothes" sold 99 yuan and 129 yuan, after the "name brand" pants off "for only" 99 yuan, 129 yuan, 159 yuan ...... watched a variety of "tall" With the People packages. But when you paid the money, and then find tricky door salesperson immediately turned hostile: "Deals like this, the rebate does not change!" The boss still sit and watch even a cheap foamposites joke. At the time, dare to report students do not know, these shoes, even if it is to sell 299 yuan still has 10 times more profit. After the incident, in the detention center of Lee explained: the purchase price of these sneakers was only between 21-24 yuan, casual clothes of the purchase price between 12-18 yuan, this time in Xiasha "promotion" of the total amount of all goods is only less than 20,000 yuan, and the total price of more than 310,000 yuan. Where the inflow of fake? Suspects confessed from Shanghai into the goods, shoes are produced in Fujian. Lee, the police admitted: "brand stores selling authentic shoes basically in more than 500 yuan, I entered the goods are picked over, styles and store in relatively similar, but work is still a gap. For example, the thread processing shoes, genuine boutique are relatively fine, (fake rough); boutique shoes, clothing fabric, are relatively new there, I entered the goods are coming through private into. price so cheap, certainly not genuine. " Gang "dingqiao Wumart" checked again Cheap air jordans for sale "Xiasha poor quality" counterfeits Lee is how to gain access to qualified xiasha Wumart supermarket sales of it? According to the police investigation, by the end of May this year, Lee in line to see xiasha Wumart investment, so in accordance with contact details on the website and the store made contact. After further and Marketplace Merchants Department confirmed that he decided June 1 to June 10 during the day short-term rental stores of 200 square meters booth brand promotion, while the store provided by the business license, organization code and brand licensing, etc. Copy member. Lee said: brand licensing is copying a friend's, but their own goods from Shanghai Jin. Power of attorney may be true, but the goods must be false. In other words, either June 9 Students who reported selling alarmed Lee Xiasha police and the business sector, the selling activities on June 10 will be successfully concluded. June 10 is over, Lee simply packed up a run to the left is a "lodge complaints" feathers. But after police and case investigation f Retro jordans for sale ound just before entering Xiasha Xiasha police investigate fake Wumart day, Riverside police dingqiao Wumart supermarket also dealt with a sale of counterfeits sale shop, also in Jiangxi Lee leasing a. Lee May this year at Riverside dingqiao Wumart because selling, administrative penalties Riverside has been the business sector once, then involving more than 19,000 yuan, the brand is also involved in NB and "mouth monkey." So, Lee is not only a deliberate sale of counterfeits, but also a recidivist. This time, not just as simple as administrative punishment. Currently, the case is still pending. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.)Michael Jordan is great. He is the first person in basketball history. He is a basketball myth. nature, greatness is accepted, and perhaps there are ten thousand reasons for ten thousand people to sing and praise Michael Jordan. he won almost all about the sport of basketball in some of the awards, six f cheap jordans for sale inals six won the championship, won six fmvp awards, five MVP, ten time scoring champion, the all star game, defensive team, the best team is repeatedly selected, in addition also won the best defensive player rookie of the Year Award, NCAA, and Olympic champion and a series of honor. Jordan before and after the total played 35 finals, that Jordan won six Championships, and the championship every need at least four wins, then this very good out finals record, a total of 24 wins and 11 losses. which game did Jordan lose most in the 11 finals? It happened in the 95-96 season, the local time on June 12, 1996, the Chicago bulls away to the Seattle supersonics (Oklahoma predecessor), but before this, the Bulls big score 3:0 ahead of the Seattle supersonics has won the match points for the bulls, this game can take direct crowned champion, the season is over. Even lose the game still have the advantage to win the match point, is still a high probability event, so the mind slightly relax. On the other hand, Seattle is not the same, the front has already lost three games, this game only no turning back, is to a desperate fight situation, so the winning mentality and combat momentum is superior to the Chicago bulls. The game also echoes with the mentality of the game before the game, Michael Jordan played 41 minutes, almost every second was selected nine key defensive first team defender Gary Peyton care, Jordan also rare 19 shot only hit 6 balls, shooting only 31.6%, only 23 points 3 rebounds 2 assists. Rival Gary Payton carried 44 minutes hard, 15 shots in the field, 7 hit, 21 points, 3 rebounds, 11 assists, the performance is really better than Michael Jordan, 46.7%. And two home Pippin is 17 shot 4, only 9 points, the performance is simply appalling. Under the influence of such subjective and objective factors, the final Chicago bulls lost 21 to 86:107 supersonic in Seattle. it was the most losing game in the Michael Jordan finals. Does lose 21 points more? It could be a lot more for Michael Jordan, because it was the biggest game he lost in all the finals. If you compare Kobe Bryant and Lebron James who have been in the finals for many times, you will find that the 21 point difference is really nothing. Lebron James's Miami heat was defeated by the Sanantonio spurs G3 in the finals of the 12-13 season, 113:77, with a score of 36 points. And Kobe Bryant's Losangeles 〉 Objective: to meet AJ28 5 V/ T1 N8 $F; meet m$W*} got AJ28 for some time, because even before the rainy days did not have time to write feelings, and later because busy, no time to write feelings, looked at the game and was about to finish, so he drove out such an article, although AJ28 played with it for a long time, but there was no actual and long wearing, so many things can only be regarded as an armchair 0, T1, L9, O-, S3, b%, Q, obsession, the U., K2, X8,, ~8, Q2, a', m%, x, a is obsessed with AJ28 because of a news item on the mobile phone WeChat, which was pushed by the new tennis shoes network. because of this article, I'm infatuated with the blue AJ28 ~ (S) M'e M* Z7 l# o @+; the evidence is here: above is my headset, everyone altar water zone hair article links, no headphones, everyone altar water area ID, you can't see the content drops, hey hey ~ ~ ~ ~ 9 a+ Q1 U! ~ + n) | branches: l ([5 g" K.; L. was going to buy this pair of blue patterns with a white design, but the chances and opportunities of the problem, and finally I even started with is black with green foundation. maybe I really don't like putting the vamp down and revealing the white lining... Or should I sell this black ? , then buy a pair of blue and white? concise AJ28 simple green and black people get scared, and stunning Xinchan, originally intended to buy a pair of white and blue pattern of AJ28 I, was a little hesitant about the handsome green black AJ28. this is a pair of shoes, looking forward to giving you more shoes than expected. . X: S+ d'Z6 T6 s . partial ego buys 44.5 yards of shoes, because before wearing AJ shoes have learned, must buy shoes about one size, I Although the foot of is 43, the length of the foot is only 〉